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Moses Tall: In the US women are expected to be a size zero or a kid's size to be most attractive to guys, unfortunately I am a size Bleck

Nika Gvaramia: Shit, you've interviewed the dumbest guys in all Spain (Spanish here)

Pixlz_ATK: This was perfect for my self esteem

Justin Main: Asian guys: indian, korean japanese, ect.

Gretchen C: I was hoping to see a lebanese guy

Jon Love: Russian is the best :)

Caroline Shen: You know you have dated a Mexican woman, when your car is stolen after the break up. Be sure if they leave you they take everything from you that they construct a connection with. And be careful in Mexico E-Mails are no evidence ^^

Frnk Iero: Half of these people sound like they grew up in America.

Silvia Zervu: In India, men pay first then the next time women pays it. There will be a balance.

SpikeYT: This is total BULLSHIT

DatGuyShorty: They all sound the same lmfao

Profesor Pug: My mom is mexican and my dad is japanese.

Muschu O: Am from Africa and I need Turkish guy to date

Duke Davis: I would bang evelyn, elina and lucy all at the same time, Brazzers.

Soraya Bouzit: Die spricht aber nicht gut Deutsch, are you sure she is from Germany?

ElNILLU: Can you make one about Polish?)

Roshan Singh: How did i end up here #cryyy

TheRealSerio: Now I'm British and that is so concise and accurate it is unbelievable!

Bak4FuN: Thank u so much for this lovely video! I feel so proud and honored as a portuguese ;

Joey Ray: Hey where was Farsi? ;D

Stelios D: DATING A GREEK MAN please

Ghiz Binthuda: Will you do a Finland one ? :)

NSITF MCPE: Really thou . I've heared all of these . i was hoping for some original patented dialogue.

Omar Balseiro: I would love to see, Turkish girl/guy, btw my Turkish friend she is really hot too bad she is already marry dam ittttttt!

Udobashi: The Dominican was so fine

Beatriz Diogo: Face palm Big time. But then stupidity knows no borders.

Sdf Dsf: Next time try to use Ukrainian flag for Ukraine and not some bullsh*t.

Blargo123: Hahahaha it is so true about all chinese tourists

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Noah Donovan Alex Mecham

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Harvard Westlake 'A' (London Alexander, Ariana Miles, Brooke .. 4, Centennial 'A' (Erick Scott, Gerick Robinson, Tre Harley, Jacob Mecham), . Centennial 'A' (Noah Norris, Donovan Joseph, Alex Miller, Jalen. ______. ______. 5....