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Cute Guy Gets His Dick Stroked

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Byron A: I'm Spanish and relate to everything LMAL

Mike Stone: Camilla's Instagram please, thank you Marina.

Dani Carpio: Do dating a polish girl and dating a French girl.

Hawt Nurse: As a woman in her 20's who's looking forward to her 30's I found this video super refreshing and even exciting! Not everyone wants to get married young and that's TOTALLY OK! I'm looking forward to getting to know myself better, traveling, and going on adventures before I have to take someone else's preferences into consideration!

Lbing Wang: Not even Russian and I can relate xD

Nacho Ramirez: About french people don't speak english. I think It is just we don't need to speek english to have a job or watch a movie because french's policy is to translante everything a bit less than in canada). english is just useless for 95 of the french's population.

Marlon Freiha: This video should have the title You Know You are Dating a bitch FRENCH Woman When. But yes, this is actually french women.

AntoineUK: Do scandinavian/nordic please!

Yash Kumar: The only thing you can get from this video is that italians guys have no idea how to speak english.

Saint Rowley: Mexican tf xdxdxd

Suzy Segura: Is it polite to decide stuff like drinks or food for your date in other countries? :O

Amir Mostafa: Russian Women are GREA! this video had me falling down laughing

Akito Ogawa: They both were beautiful, and the accent. Awrghhh

Laura Pona: I disagree with the PDA part. As a Brazilian woman myself I'm not into that at all and lots of my friends aren't into that either. I find it very disrespectful and it makes some people (especially older people very uncomfortable.

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Qishi Li: Bruno Mars, just the way you are :D

Amazighia: I'm brazilian and i can say that is all true ahahhahahah

Pedro Lotif: I think it was interesting how all the dudes had the same jokes and acted similar, despite where they were raised.

Meryl Streep: You need better background music

Fap God: How you know that romanian women are SELF AWARE?

Jose Mata: Jon snow! 3

Ben1349: Did I spot Peller Estates French Cross wine in a tetra pak! Must have been bought at the LCBO. She must be from Ontario, LOL!

Bryce Allen: Polish pillows keep the bed bugs away.

Mayra Energy: I think the girl in the red t-shirt is from Canada because she understand French and she immitates accents very well

Alex9920: Jolof rice lol

Upscent: This is sooo true. I used to find American guys so refreshing because they were so confident when it came to meeting girls . Anglo Canadian men are soo reserved. They remind me of typical Northern European men.

Tiny Tina: What a complete nonsense videos full of cliches that are actually NOT true.


I don't adverse that video.

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