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Edgy Fuckass: Russian is such a beautiful language!

Cho Sai Kit: The Jamaican women is so beautiful :)

Afonso Lima: She'll never let you starve SO.DAMN.TRUE

Ninon Duval: This video is really ridiculous

Sheen0212: That girls in NOT FROM SPAIN, thats not spanish accent nor catalonian, not spanish words. And she is even black.ffs!

Forte Astro: We do it instead of saying it :)

Lisa Decia: First kiss, doesn't matter who gives it first, if I have to I'll do it.

Bea Ferreira: What was the outro music? When the dude took off his shirt and was Fixing the chair?

Zoltan Csikos: Ah.yes. And yes. We german treat women like normal human beings. Everything else has to be earned. Unless one makes an American gentelmen.

Ellie Slym: I've always wondered if those guys who apporach you so openly (like in italy, france or spain actually do want to get to know you or just hook up? How can you tell the difference if approaching openly is the norm?

Adam Eden: Actress name is Alina, like a really russian name:)


MrRafterPL: The Mexican one could've been more sexy. hire me lol

Bruno Rafael: Interesting video, but I would like to say as an American: don't knock the sweatpants until you try them LOL! Seriously, they are so comfortable and easy to throw on if you're just relaxing at home or for a super-early run to the grocery store. That all being said, yes, some of my fellow countrymen could use a dress code. (especially here in the South -)

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Facesitting Cock Hungry Dude Fed Up With Meaty Rod Nasty Soccer Boy Orgy Matthulhu: At least Brazil has it right. Smaller breasts are much better than some massive

Simaod17: Where the other video? does anyone knows?

How4Basic: Next time do include Urdu.

Derp-ex: Can you please do Dating a Croatian man or a woman?

Funkyfiss: Honestly, I found Hani to be the most beautiful one.

Ana Valeria: I absolutely LOVE Scottish and Irish accents and gaelic is absolutely beautiful to listen to!

Twee Pixie: This was fun to watch but the male version was much more entertaining. Having them read something that they don't feel comfortable with (facial expressions gave it away makes it kind of boring and when people just speak spontaneously you can feel the sincerity in their words. Just as a tip if you keep making more videos. Fun channel. Cheers.

AndrГ Silva: So now i guess we know why guys always end up with the wrong girl

Ana Capinha: Do you have cars there or? Or what? We climb trees and jump around them to get to places?

Merve K: Why here alot of disgusting comments

Anderson Dias: What are French women like

Emilie Belyea: Haha , true till it hurts

Meghan Rulli: That girl is gorgeous

Wallnaut: Im from spain, you sucks xDD

Is bad timing just an excuse?

Full video lower down. British guys' asses taste sweet compared with Americans. Please check your mail and click on the link in the email to complete your subscription. Is Frank Lampard hung? Denisa - Hot orgy. I'd be surprised if their collective IQ is over

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What is going thru his head?!!

These pukes deserve all the fallout they have coming from this. Minging originally meant stinking, but now it covers anything disguting, filthy, revolting, or even just unpleasant. The National Health Service doesn't waste money on medically unnecessary procedures, especially on chav trash like this. It's been re-appropriated by middle England to brand the working classes as thick, ignorant and material-obsessed.

R35 years ago my cousin had to go to Thailand for the clothing company he worked at. Please check your mail and click on the link in the email to complete your subscription. Sterling Heights hookup

I didn't see that video but I believe they were on holidays in Spain? The guy getting rimmed is pretty damn cute. Well what time's the hanging??? Dani Daniels and her girlfriends in hot orgy.

As a free member you getting: Nice lady do lots of good fucking cheap. Two lolitas banging with their boyfriends in a hot orgy.

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  1. Never had experience with crying after sex, but I'd probably try to figure out why before judging her. Especially after watching this video.

  2. Yep, you should all be proud you ruined a man's life and career. Fuckin hell, kill me now.

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