Hot Man Making Wet Dreams Come True - Hot Man Making Wet Dreams Come True

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Have women had any luck with "The League?"

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Kay-K Schwarz: This is true!

Krista Demas: Italian boys are asshole like the others

MrMaxhthc: Why is french speaks with a foreign accent ?

Menia AM: I totally got the Estonian one wrong. I said Norwegian. I messed up Ukrainian too; I said Romanian.

Kozto TV: Marina tries to do videos to get to know different cultures and open minds. and then I read the comment section : this guy says this so French are all asshole etc. etc. -'

Killertkd: No thanks. I think I will avoid German women.

Minna P.: When she likes stealing other people's lands and killing Palestinian children. Yes, Fuck you Israel. You can never hide your crimes of humanity because you're allied with US.

MzeeMoja1: I have watched several videos and I did not pay attention to this guy (the host initially, but I like him gradually. He's so cute! I would love to meet him if I go to Toronto one day (I am in Victoria LOL!

Fagner Macedo: I love this channel. Marina is quite smart!

Mao Johnson: Did he drive out the Mungal empire with his floppy sword and innovative cavalry?

Slena Sgar: Can you do a video for Asian girls and Israeli girls?

Malapropism27: I suppose these attributes work for German women as well!

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Tarun1982: Im so confused.

Ricky Fresh: Pls do it with swiss woman

Vasouli 6: Make one of dating Cuban girls!

Dustin H.: Still French women are very special and beautiful

Xfbth4z: Everyone is saying stuff like Wtf the subtitles blend in with the laptop, and then I'm just here, watching with wifi that sucks so much I can't ever read subtitles.

Sopi Wibb: Lmao the telenovela part

Evan Brosnan: Do you want to have sex

Nikhil Sanka: Do a video on dating a Scottish woman.

Waqar Aslam: All very true. I am from Russia so I can confirm it:)

Gandy174: Do a video on chinese men!

Kpop OFICIAL: The Brazilian Portuguese was so inaccurate

Conrad Garcia: Could you please upload a video of dating a Maltese woman and a Gibraltarian woman? I think they are two of the most beautiful types of girls ;)! I like a bit of Guapa ;)!

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Hot Man Making Wet Dreams Come True

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  1. I like most of Laci's vids but this seemed a little aggressive and I found slightly unpleasant to watch.

  2. Hahah this comment made me laugh out loud. It just sounds so cute, what an awesome comment :D

  3. RobotLovesToo I wear a mooncup personally, so no string or pad. But yes, menstruation might mean finding a work-around in some contexts! :)

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