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By way of using our site, you acknowledge that you father read and understand our Cookie Program , Clandestineness Policy Out-dated, and our Terms of Service. What is the difference inserted cocky and confidence. Epigram the words, "I am going to win" can come distant as both cocky and confidence to any cat. In my perspective, if you victory, you were "confident" and if you lose after saying that, you would be considered "cocky.

Using google and looking up arrogant, it is defined as "having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities. All cocky common people are self-reliant, but not all certain people are cocky. Haughty adds to confident an aura of arrogant peerlessness. If I add, "No one is going to be competent to make a note a greater answer than this one," then I'm being prideful.

I plan for your sample which discusses winners and losers is a second contrived. Righteous because a player is confident she can achieve first place in doesn't hightail it her cocksure if she doesn't.

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  • Cocky definition: Someone who is cocky is so confident and sure of their abilities that...
  • cocky definition: The definition of cocky is someone who is overly self-confident. ( adjective)...
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  • Cocky Definition. What does Cocky mean?
  • Ernie: Hey Bert, how did you do on the exam! Puffed-up: this phrase...
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Dictionary Entries near cocky cockthrowing cock-up cock-up splint cocky cocky's joy cockyleekie cockyolly bird. Translation of cocky for Arabic Speakers. Examples of cocky in a Sentence Don't get too cocky about your chances of getting the job. Have you ever seen a rooster and how they behave? I think that had you stopped after your first sentence, it might have been a useful question for this site. Resources for cocky Time Traveler!

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