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QuartuvLarry: Bro that was not even right serbian but the croatian guy talked like areal croat from croatia

Apo Pancakes: HA HA HAAAA the clothing part was hilarious!

Mandy Soto: You know you are dating an indian man when he doesn't have toilet and shitting on railway tracks.hahahahaha

Aki Albano: Ummm Nope! this is not correct. A Aussie women doesn't call people names and as a Aussie women I don't drink, cant fix a car and am not Adventerous what so ever. Yes I do have thongs, a Aussie staple! this portrayed us as classless I think. I don't know all Aussie women but this isn't me. The weather thing was true lol

Anna Tejedor: Hahaha luv the italian womens. the best in everything :)

Uzi Khan: The dutch guy is adorable

Arcotroll: You should do Greek man!

Anita R.: In Algeria, the guys always pay!

LucasAbraao16: Swedish and russian are definitely one of the sexiest languages out there.

Psychoaiko666: Insert beach name here Shore anyone?

Hopesparkle: Please how i should act to find out cuz shes really liking me ?

Bebe Silva: You you that guy of that fat ass nose

Mujtaba Azim: Mostly true, but a bit steriotypes.)

Jefersom Luiz: YKYD a Korean guy. Act cute. Make him buy you stuff.

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Poledancer And Hairy Mature Play With Cock

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Shan He: That's exactly like this lmao

Fingers: She's so beautiful :0

La Quica: Eu amei chris e gabriel

Mary Mosher: Omg , the Japanese guy was too funny xD

Lbing Wang: This channel needs more love and subscribers!

Johnboy: That dutch guy is clearly gay :P

Xin Yue: Ridiculous video.hahahah.Portuguese is Portuguese and well spoken in Brazil or in Portugal.is very sexy.i love both accents .if i like the people who speaks it.hahah

Reformed DIOS: Amazing video again. Hi Marina!

Alyna BACON: Would be great if you can make a video bout dating a Malaysian. Word of caution, please do your homework as Malaysia is a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religion country.

Julia Knox: COLOMBIAAAAA! Pero el acento paisa es lo mejor 3

Keesha May: Greek does sound like spanish lmao

Beck's Fato: But, I like this French 'sensual approach I may try this!

Marie Chain: Dating sucks everywhere, most people just want to get it over with and find the person they can settle down and grow old with. I know that was the case for me!

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  1. why would you put someone in jail for rape when you have no proof you're literally just saying he raped me

  2. Wow. Until today, I admired you and what you were doing. But this falsely accusing Sam pepper of rape is just fucked up.

  3. Girlfriend thought it was a bit dirty at first but now she doesn't mind at all :)

  4. i like it when it's hot guys that do it, you should relax girl your fat nobody's gonna cat call you seriously

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